Cloudflare Claims Our Journalism is Terrorism. We're Not Backing Down

My team was recently forwarded an abuse complaint from Cloudflare from the pseudonymous "EJ Smith," paired with a threat to shut down DDoS protection for National Justice. In the form, this journalist, Eric Striker, is slandered with the outrageous claim that I am a "domestic terrorist." This is filed as a copyright protestation, without any specific reference to what piece of intellectual property is being used. The email says this dispute can only be reconciled by firing me from my role as editor-in-chief!  

Here are the contents of the bad-faith fink's troll-complaint: 

"This is a website tun by domestic terrorist Eric Striker. Numerous posts on the website single out individuals and minorities (mainly Jewish people) for attacks by right wing white supremacist terrorists. For backup on this, please read the SPLC [...]" 

Here is the corporate attached statement from Cloudflare and our server company: 

"You should investigate and fix this problem, as it constitutes a violation to our terms of service. 

Please answer to this e-mail indicating which measures you've taken to stop the abusive behavior." 

This coincides with reporting on the anarchist Christian Exoo, also known as "AntiFash Gordon," who is coddled by Twitter's corporate leadership despite repeatedly violating their rules on managing multiple accounts, creating a new account after his original was banned, and posting the personal information of scores of private citizens (sometimes obtained through allegedly criminal means) with the intent of utilizing "troll armies" to get them fired from their jobs, targeted by left-wing paramilitary violence and in his words, "de-homed." National Justice reporting on Exoo, whose identity is newsworthy and in the public interest, has been shared directly and indirectly by a number of high profile journalists and political commentators in the last 24 hours. 

For the record, I have never even been accused of being a "domestic terrorist" or any other serious crimes in my life. There is nothing on this website that comes close to advocating violence or threatening individuals. We do not use racial slurs, don't "dox" people (defined as posting addresses, social security numbers, personal phone numbers, etc) and carefully vet all of the sources for our stories. This publication is far more ethical in its practices than much of the mainstream media. This is nothing more than a good old fashioned press crackdown! 

National Justice reporting and opinion pieces are syndicated across respected platforms, including According to our internal metrics, we are slated to hit a brand new traffic milestone for the month of December. This is making powerful people angry, as our stories are compelling and shaking plutocratic narratives to the core.   

It may not seem like it, but this is not Saudi Arabia. We as Americans still have a Constitutional right to freedom of the press, freedom of conscience and freedom of speech. Seeing all the negative attention companies like Cloudflare are already getting over allegations of political bias, I am ready to do everything humanly possible to ensure the world knows they believe independent journalism and nationalist dissent is no different than being a member of ISIS.

The irony of anarchist groups and their lawyers pressuring our DDoS protection provider is that there is no reason to do this other than to leave us vulnerable to cyber-terror attacks. 

Finding another service to protect us from hackers can be done, but we must resist tech-capitalist tyranny and their left-wing lackeys out of principle. Cloudflare's CEO Matthew Prince has gone on the record claiming that their censorship against the Daily Stormer was a one-off thing, but this appears to be a lie. 

We will be disputing Cloudflare's claims and will not back down under any circumstances.

Speaking truth to power has never been easy and never will be. In the New Year we are planning on unveiling a voluntary subscription/donation process so you can help us grow and fight back.

No matter what it takes, we have a right to educate to liberate. We are winning. If we weren't, they wouldn't be overplaying their hand this frantically.     

Eric Striker

Editor-in-Chief of National Justice