Antelope Hill Publishing Writing Competition, April 30th Deadline!

Antelope Hill Publishing has recently announced a writing competition to "express the stories and help build the culture that will pave the way to a better tomorrow." The theme of the competition is Why We Fight. 

There are two categories of works they are accepting: poems of any style, and short stories or essays. There will be a $300 prize for the best submission in each category and a $200 prize for the runner up in each category. These prizes are sponsored in part by the White Art Collective, a decentralized collection of artists of European descent whose mission is to preserve, promote, celebrate and expand upon our shared European culture.

They are accepting submissions until the midnight of April 30th, and encourage authors to only submit work that already meets the high standard of Antelope Hill Publishing, as well to keep submissions to an absolute maximum of 5,000 words.

Link with more information: