Antelope Hill Publishing: An Oasis of Persecuted Books

The censorship of traditionalist, dissident, and revolutionary literature is increasing every day. If your search for written works involves anything contrary to neoliberal corporate capitalism or names its architects, you will too often find yourself confronted with error pages or works that are poorly archived or overpriced.

We founded Antelope Hill Publishing to ensure our history, culture, and revolutionary ideas would be preserved in the written word and made easily accessible, fairly priced, and professionally published. Antelope Hill translates, transcribes, and republishes existing works in print and eBook format. We are also looking for new authors who will tell the story of our generation so that we can publish the words that will inspire us to victory.  

If there is an old book you would like to see republished or translated into English, we want to hear from you. If you are a dissident who wants his voice heard, we want to publish you. We believe in preservation with the printed page whenever possible to ensure independence from totalitarian or corporate control.

Antelope Hill Publishing has launched this summer, we are growing quickly, and we are continuing to increase our catalog, adding new titles every other week. With your support as customer or colleague, we can set the record straight on history and write our own future.

Visit us at, send us an email at [email protected], and connect with us on twitter @antelopehill.