Christian Exoo aka "AntiFash Gordon" Accused of Blackmail, Saying the N-Word and Creepy Behavior Towards Underage Girls

38-year-old St Lawrence University librarian Christian Exoo, better known by his twitter handle "Antifash Gordon," has been accused by a former roommate of being a sociopathic blackmailer who loves to use the 'N-word.' 

Exoo was identified last May when BlueHost released the registration info of a data mining operation he ran with the intent of collecting people's personal details in order to harm them. Other sources have confirmed his identity as well. 

In the article, a self-described "black trans person" states that Exoo had stolen its birth certificate and personal belongings while it was hospitalized. This was part of a blackmail scheme to keep it from going public about Exoo's abusive behavior. 

Exoo appears to be protected by a large network of "Antifascists" willing to suspend their supposed principles to accommodate the e-celebrity. Under the guise of "infiltration," Exoo is accused of reveling in the use of racial slurs and putting the security of his paranoid extremist troll network at risk by integrating recently "rehabilitated former Nazis" like Scott.Ernest, who claims to not be racist anymore because he uses new pronouns. 

Another bizarre anecdote is Exoo's fantasy that every teenage girl who talks to him, like a young Amish girl working at a store he encountered during a road trip, wants to have sex with him. There is a documented pattern of self-proclaimed male feminists using female-oriented activism mostly as a way to get laid or provide cover when they victimize those around them. 

What we can gather is that Exoo is largely motivated by social status, getting attention, and sadism rather than ideology.  

Exoo has been recently touring the country giving Jewish organizations training seminars on "Open Source Intelligence," a code word his ilk use for gathering private citizens' information to terrorize them and their families. He has given identical lectures at the University that employs him. As a librarian, Exoo presumably has access to the information of countless students: what if one of them has political beliefs "Antifash Gordon" doesn't approve of? We have reached the school's president William Fox for comment and will update this story as soon as we hear back from him.  

Exoo has also worked in the media, primarily at Salon and the non-profit TruthOut, where he has  co-written articles with his father Calvin F. Exoo, something this author has never seen before. Calvin Exoo also happens to be a very public hard-left activist and high ranking professor at St. Lawrence. It doesn't take a genius to imagine who got "Antifash Gordon" his cushy librarian gig. 

TruthOut has also recently used "Antifash Gordon" as a source in its stories without disclosing that he is a former employee - highly unethical.

One wonders if any resources available to establishment media outlets intended for news gathering are being deployed to help Exoo and his supporters like Shane Burley (who authored the above article) in their doxing campaigns. Currently Exoo is calling on his supporters to harass and troll a black guy until he loses his job. 

All in all, Exoo is yet another anarchist who has lived a life of privilege only afforded to few in today's America. "Antifash Gordon" is a stunning personification of why the left continues to lose elections around the world, and will continue to lose the working class.