A Chinese Imitation

A kleptocratic police state led by the mentally ill overseeing a collapsing middle class, moral degradation, violent crime and mass race replacement does not inspire anyone outside of a minority of English-speaking, affluent urban elites like the Hong Kong secessionists. 

The neo-liberal domination of the world is so weak that its "pro-democracy" fires are being put out by rappers mocking them. 

30 years after the brutal suppression of the Tiananmen Square protests, the CIA has met its match. 

At the 1989 "pro-democracy" protest, stern Mao-era careerist Deng Xiaoping decided to bring tanks to an information fight - the old Soviet playbook.  

Here, the Chinese government made a number of devastating mistakes. They created heroes and martyrs, like the unforgettable "tank man." They deployed the People's Liberation Army and instructed them to fire dumdum ammunition into crowds of protesters, which in turn caused military morale to plummet. They engaged in indiscriminate arrests and crackdowns on people for ideological crimes.

The media coverage during this carnage set China's global reputation back significantly, and climbing out of this hole has been a difficult process.

But today in chaos-stricken Hong Kong - instigated by the USA and the European Union - the Chinese have masterfully replicated the American model for political suppression while keeping elements of the socialist system, thus providing a number of national advantages. One recent case was using state intervention to crack down on a George Soros currency speculation attack meant to undermine the local Hong Kong economy. 

Chinese "Antifa"    

One familiar sight at populist rallies in America is the presence of armed men in black who to attack demonstrators as the police sit back on "stand down orders." We have seen this strategy used across America, both during Trump's insurgent 2016 campaign and at nationalist rallies in Berkeley, Sacramento, Charlottesville, etc. This tactic allows local governments to suppress and discourage nationalist speech and protest via heckler's veto and increased physical risk without being subsumed by the liberal optical meme of militarized police beating unarmed protesters. 

In Hong Kong, Chinese "Antifa" volunteers wearing all white have been utilized in a similar fashion to beat down anti-Chinese protesters as they travel to demonstration zones. Like with Antifa in the United States, law enforcement does the bare minimum to intervene against these criminal elements when the targets are political actors they want to shut down.

The white-shirted men, believed to be Triads, do not appear to be affiliated directly with the Chinese state, just as anarchists in the USA are not necessarily being literally directed by the FBI. But in times of a confluence of interests (the protesters are hurting illegal Triad businesses), the cops and crooks wink and nod at each other.    

Outsourcing the dirty work is the first lesson the Chinese have learned from their US oligarch counterparts. 

Using Celebrities, Brands and Pop Culture 

One vehicle utilized by American intelligence services when engaging in regime change operations abroad is to recruit celebrities and musicians. In the Ukraine, national boxing star Wladimir Klitschko was the face of the "Maidan." The plutocracy of America even tried to use celebrities like Bruce Springsteen and Robert De Niro to block Trump's election in 2016. Youth-oriented publications close to the US government, like Vice Media, obsessively write about how uncool the "alt-right" is and love to dox dissident bloggers. Coolness, drugs, rock n' roll were the CIA's preferred weapons to undermine the Soviet Union during the Cold War. 

In Hong Kong, the Chinese have devised an antidote. World-famous Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan, who is close to the mainland government, has condemned the protestors and called on citizens to resist them in the name of Chinese patriotism. 

An army of rappers have even emerged to write viral songs mocking the protesters as useful idiots and traitors.

Liu Yifei, who will be playing Mulan in the new Disney live-action remake, has come out in opposition to the protests, as has Hong Kong's most popular singer Eric Suen. 

Any person with status or influence in Hong Kong who comes out in favor of the protests will have their lives ruined, just as would happen to dissidents in America.

Media Narratives and Online Mobs 

Like with Antifa in US media, Chinese press and pro-Mainland social media accounts have praised the white-clad attackers as flawed patriots defending freedom and sovereignty against terrorists. 

The Chinese have developed their own parallel social media structure to avoid meddling from Jew-run globalist entities like Facebook. Social media mobs and troll brigades have been organized on Weibo to force Versace, Calvin Klein, Samsung and other foreign corporate interlopers to issue apologies or face boycotts for any gesture in support of the Hong Kong secessionists. 

Twitter and Facebook have tried to tip the scale in the Hong Kong rioters' favor and remove the pro-China activist accounts that lead these campaigns, but to little effect due to Chinese social media independence. In America a vast web of NGOs and think-tanks play a similar role, as seen with the ongoing corporate boycott of the only show even mildly critical of the US oligarchy on TV, Tucker Carlson Tonight, by the Jewish-led pressure groups like Sleeping Giants or Media Matters for America. 

On Weibo, company administrators have used Twitter/Google/Facebook style censorship and algorithim tinkering to take the wind out of the sails of anti-PRC hashtags so that mainland sympathizers can take them over and use them in narrative counter-attacks. 

Western media has reported that all of this activity is being directed by bots and paid operatives, but a lot of it is indeed fueled by organic support.

Rather than using force to suppress the crackdowns, the Chinese media has decided to mostly sit back and report slanted interpretations of acts of violence and social disruption associated with the rallies. Anyone who was at Charlottesville, or objectively investigated it (like former US attorney Tim Heaphy) understands that the Jewish media and US government's narrative on the protests is pack of lies, but the propagandized version of the James Fields car crash as an act of "domestic terrorism" set the nationalist movement back. 

In Hong Kong, the Chinese media has successfully cultivated a narrative where the inevitable excesses of violent elements in these protests become the focus, thus depoliticizing and overshadowing their message, which then turns the populace against them.  

While the Judeo-globalist press of the West has spread "rumors" that the Chinese army is about to invade Hong Kong any minute, the reality on the ground is that they are hanging back and waiting for there to be a death they can pin on them. 

Surgical Arrests 

The Chinese state has been able to dox and arrest leaders of the Hong Kong rallies.

Agnes Chow and Joshua Wong, who have been anti-government activists since 2014, were taken into custody using Chinese anti-rioting, weapons and conspiracy laws identical to what federal prosecutor Thomas Cullen has used against alleged members of the Rise Above Movement. 

Unlike the RAM dissidents, Wong and Chow actually are leading violent riots. What is important here is that the Chinese state is denying them the dignity of being arrested for their ideas and charging them instead as common criminals, which fits perfectly with the media narratives they have disseminated. 

By making examples of these relatively high-profile figures, they are able to thin out numbers and demoralize the marchers far better than they would by charging them as "enemies of the state." 

But like all Chinese imitations, their implementation of American style tyranny has not been perfect. Recently, a police officer with an itchy trigger finger shot a teenager, potentially giving the flagging protests a second wind of propaganda.

Many conservatives in America have been shrieking on a daily basis in support of the Hong Kong activists but have gained little traction from the public. These neocons are instruments of the ruling class, no better or worse than a PRC state media shill. If they were they would be looking inwards at the similar kinds of repression nationalists face in America on a daily basis. Instead they want you to look for red herrings abroad. 

Most interestingly of all, as Turkey, China, Russia and other illiberal targets have learned to use a more benevolent and scientific approach to defeat these types of unrest, America has become more openly repressive. Few elite intellectuals or business interests in control of the US government even pretend to value supposed basic American ideals like the right to free speech or the marketplace of ideas anymore. "Acceptable" conservative publications have called on the US government to bring back COINTELPRO - a program of assassinations, terrorism, disinformation, etc - to shut down any inkling of white dissent under the guise fo "fighting terrorism." Breitbart's John Nolte has endorsed "no platforming" nationalists because it "empowers" them. If nationalists in America were burning down cities while waving Russian or Chinese flags, the response from fragile, erratic Washington would likely be more vicious than confident China's so far.

Erdogan, Putin and Xi - for all their flaws - actually have the approval of majorities in their countries. People see their lives getting better, by and large. These figures have learned that ruling as populists whenever possible is the best recipe for staying in power, even if your only goal is to steal or control. The same can't be said for the widely hated governments of the UK (Brexit?), Germany (Merkel) and USA (immigration enforcement?), or the Jewish and capitalist interests that always overrule the will and interests of the people. 

A kleptocratic police state led by the mentally ill overseeing a collapsing middle class, moral degradation, violent crime and mass race replacement does not inspire anyone outside of a minority of English-speaking, affluent urban elites like the Hong Kong secessionists. 

The neo-liberal domination of the world is so weak that its "pro-democracy" fires are being put out by rappers mocking them.