Charlottesville "Antifa" Celebrity Emily Gorcenski Sends Brazen Death Threat To Woman. Twitter Refuses To Act

Emily Gorcenski, the performative name of transsexual anarchist Edward Gorcenski, briefly achieved 15 minutes of fame after attending the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville as a heckler. According to the media, Gorcenski was an innocent victim rather than an aggressor. 

But Gorcenski's social media behavior exemplifies how brazen extremist supporters of "antifa" have gotten since 2017, when the political, media and NGO establishment decided to close ranks and actively support their violent behavior and beliefs. 

Yesterday, a feminist named Amy Eileen Hamm complained about the physical violence and threats transsexual activists use against their female critics, who are nicknamed "TERFs" (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists). "TERFs" affirm that biological men cannot be women, and that they are appropriating the female identity. 

In response to this tweet, Gorcenski decided to make a statement with a very clear implied threat. He slipped under her tweet and posted a photograph of himself shooting an AR-15 with legalistic wording, "That's right, we do. It's legal and fun."

Gorcenski followed up by stating that "TERF" complaints about transsexuals being "militant" are true. Other extremists then began posting their gun collections beneath the message, including a user named "Tenfish," who on their twitter identifies as a member of the Socialist Rifle Association, a communist paramilitary group.

On August 4th, 2019, Socialist Rifle Association member and self-described "antifa" Connor Betts murdered 10 people and injured 27 in a terrorist attack against a Dayton, Ohio cowboy bar known for being frequented by Trump supporters. 

The slogan "KILL TERFs" is a popular one in the organized transsexual movement. It is common for them to bombard women online with threats to murder them. At political rallies, transsexuals often beat "TERFs" with legal impunity. Most "Antifa" groups target women who are critical of transgenderism as aggressively as they do those they perceive as white racists and Nazis. 

Last year, a women's rape shelter in Vancouver was attacked by transsexuals, who nailed a dead rat to the door and scrawled "KILL ALL TERFs" on its windows. Incidents like this are common place but underreported due to the immense institutional support and privileges transsexuals enjoy. 

Gorcenski has come under fire from elements on the left in recent months for his work as a US defense contractor and suspiciously close relationship with the FBI. 

While the FBI has since Charlottesville committed an enormous amount of resources to investigating nationalists Gorcenski (who claims to be anti-police) points them towards, neither twitter or law enforcement appear to be interested in investigating threats like these. Prosecution and FBI harassment in America is conditioned on the subject's political ideology, not actions. 

Gorcenski has in the past openly threatened feminists online with sending his "antifa" friends to get them and specializes in posting the personal information of individuals he sees as political opponents and rivals.

While people have been reporting these threatening tweets, twitter appears adamant in keeping Gorcenski -- portrayed via journalistic malpractice as the helpless victim of bigots -- on their platform unchecked.