Black Violence Epidemic: 23 People Shot In Brazen Miami Attack, Police Have No Suspects

Around the same time the FBI and local police "thwarted" a bogus, informant-generated "white supremacist plot," an actual mass shooting took place at a bar in Miami. 

Shockingly, authorities in Miami-Dade have no suspects, no motive, and no idea how to find the attackers, who killed two and shot 21 others after opening fire into a crowd of random party goers at a pool hall. Five survivors are currently in critical condition. 

The ski mask wearing gunmen attacked the venue in North Miami late Saturday into early Sunday that was hosting an event for rapper ABMG Spitta, who openly talks about committing crimes and his many "beefs" in his music. 

Many rappers like to telegraph details about their past, current and future criminal activities for status and fame, but law enforcement does not generally follow this intelligence closely.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security currently have a program that monitors the social media profiles of citizens, but this is limited to political speech, not criminal activity. If blacks were subjected to the same kind of scrutiny that right-wing whites are, the overwhelmingly black and non-white phenomenon of mass shootings could be meaningfully combated. 

According to data tallied by the Gun Violence archive, there were 69 mass shootings across the United States in the month of May alone. This is the equivalent of more than two a day. None of the attacks had a white "racist" or political motive, and whites in general were severely underrepresented among known shooters. 

As federal and local law enforcement resources continue to focus on trying to trick white people with political opinions into entrapment plots, the historic rise in violent crime across major American cities will only continue to get worse. With polls showing public losing interest in the media's "domestic terror" narrative, it remains to be seen if officials will begin to respond to the crisis of black crime.