Black "Victim" Of Sgt. Jonathan Pentland Identified, Had Open Warrant For Violent Felony Case

The mystery of who the black man in the confrontation with Sgt. Jonathan Pentland in a quiet Columbia, South Carolina neighborhood is has finally been solved. 

The mass media has kept the supposed victim's identity a secret from the public out of fear that it would injure the anti-white narrative they have spun, but online sleuths were able to identify the man neighbors had been accusing of groping them and even trying to kidnap a baby as 21-year-old DeAndre Demetrius Williams. Pentland was spurred to action after the mother-in-law of one of Williams' alleged sexual assault victims knocked on his door and asked him to help.  

Pentland, a white drill instructor stationed at Fort Jackson, is being charged with third degree assault for a light shove during the dispute in the viral video. He has since been terrorized by what appear to be state supported rioters picketing outside his home into leaving with his family. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott encouraged the mob with a press conference saying he was charging Pentland to send a message against "bullies."

Sheriff Lott has a track record of engaging in liberal activism and has used his position in law enforcement to help the Anti-Defamation League lobby for stricter "hate crime" laws.

While Lott is desperate to show off his "woke" credentials, including through a ridiculous partnership with Black Lives Matter established last September to help manage his officers, his law enforcement record is abysmal. Violent crime in Richland County is almost double the national average. Despite being exposed for wide scale corruption in 2019, Lott won "Sheriff of the Year" award last month. 

The press' reluctance to publish Williams' full name makes sense when looking at his criminal record. He has been previously arrested for drugs and trespassing at a Food Lion, but last month, Williams skipped his court date for a a felony related to the malicious injury of animals.


Generally speaking, failing to appear for a court date in a serious criminal case leads to a bench warrant. In other words, Williams was a fugitive from the law when Pentland made contact with him.   

The Richland County court system has mitigated this political problem by suddenly deeming Williams mentally unfit for trial. It is rare for a court to grant an "insanity" defense, and in this case, the timing is evidence that the decision was politically motivated. 

While details of the crime in question are unknown at this time, the question as to why a potentially dangerous person with an open case that is so mentally ill he cannot stand trial was allowed to roam through Pentland's community has never been answered.

For Pentland and his family, they must be forced to stand alone against a Black Lives Matter sponsored Sheriff, a hostile and hyper politicized military command, and criminals on the street.