Black Man Helped Beat White Woman, Engaged In Sexual Extortion, Then Got Her Fired From Her Job When Turned Down

White people are under siege across America. 

The latest outrage is the story of Braden Fields, an Ohio State University student who brags about tormenting white women with bogus racism accusations and acts of violence on his twitter account @cloutlordbray. 

Fields, empowered by the reluctance of police to arrest black criminals, posted the above video of a blonde woman being beaten with the caption "Police ain’t do shit so mfs has to drop her ass [...] told her I was gon get a bih to knock The racist out of her," with multiple laughing emojis. Twitter has taken no action on the video of the assault other than to put a disclaimer under it. 

Fields' criminal behavior does not end there. He hunted down the social media pages of his victim, a pediatric nurse named Ashley Firmstone, and her friend. He posted the screenshots and wrote:  "this one is the blonde don't worry i'll be back with the brunettes racist ass soon. 1 down." 

Fields then got in touch with Firm's friend to blackmail her. This screenshot of the conversation clearly shows Fields offering to delete the video he posted in exchange for sex. 

In a separate tweet dated July 6th, Fields then gloated about using the accusation of racism and extortion video to get the white woman he ordered to be assaulted fired from her job at the Columbus, Ohio based Nationwide Children's Hospital, writing "Mission Complete" above a statement from the hospital affirming the termination. 

According to NCH's email to Fields, "This weekend a video of an NCH employee using a racial slur was widely circulated on social media. The employee's conduct was extremely troubling, and inconsistent with NCH values, and violated NCH's social media policies. 

Due to the unique and public nature of this incident, NCH is taking the unusual step of announcing this employee was terminated.

...All staff are encouraged to take advantage of the hospital's many resources on diversity and inclusion found here on ANCHOR. Additionally the hospital will be announcing new resources and training programs to both advance a diverse and inclusive workplace, and helping to end racism."

The everyday realities of being a white person in the United States right now means that employers will side with criminals when their own employees are victimized if the latter is accused of racism, then release a public statement to humiliate them further. 

That Braden Fields has the power to assault white women, extort them into forced sex, and then get their victims fired while bragging about what he's doing openly on social media shows the failure of American institutions. Whether it's the police who look on and refuse to make arrests, or the administrators of Ohio State University, who are dragging their feet when it comes to punishing Fields, in spite of multiple complaints.  

This is America.