NYC: Black-on-Jewish Attack Shows Father Abandoning His 1-Year-Old To Aggressor

A disturbing video of a black man attacking a Jewish couple walking with their child in lower Manhattan has been circulating around social media.

The aggressor, 30-year-old Darryl Jones, was paroled last February after serving time for assault and attempted murder. 

In the clip, the couple -- Orthodox Jews in their early 20s visiting from Belgium -- is shown being passed by Jones as they push their stroller. Jones then turns around and begins slashing them. 

Unbelievably, the father is shown abandoning his infant son to the mercy of the knife wielding maniac. His wife is shown returning to retrieve the baby before they all get away. 

While there is no evidence Jones was motivated by bias, the Jewish couple has teamed up with the Anti-Defamation League to try and compel the NYPD to charge the assailant with anti-Semitic "hate" as well. None of the victims suffered serious injuries. 

Rather than start a conversation about the overall explosion in black crime in New York City that is impacting everyone, special interest groups representing Jews and Asians have sought to use the incidents to create narratives about racism and "hate."

By sponging up these concerns with anti-white identity politics, leftist and Jewish groups behind the policies that have unleashed New York's latent criminal elements have been able to so far avoid the inevitably law-and-order backlash. 

Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods have largely been spared from black violence. A racially charged campaign led by Zionists in Manhattan and Brooklyn last year has compelled Mayor De Blasio and the NYPD to surge resources to Jewish neighborhoods that seems to have survived through an atmosphere favoring violent criminals over cops after the death of George Floyd last May.  

While blacks in Crown Heights and Borough Park are under tight surveillance by the police, the rest of the city has become a war zone. 

Last February, the NYPD noted that gun crime was at a record high. "Hate crimes," the only type of crime the media and politicians are interested in talking about, were actually down by 42% compared to last year.