Black Cop Arrested For Two Separate Pre-Meditated Murders In 2017 Was Allowed To Stay On The Force Despite Investigation

A Dallas police officer has finally been arrested for his role in the murders of a man and a woman in separate incidents in 2017.

Officer Bryan Riser, 36,  was implicated in the crimes by the three hitmen he had hired a year and a half ago. The evidence provided led to the FBI and the Dallas Sheriff's office to open up a homicide investigation, but the potentially dangerous man was allowed to remain on duty until his arrest last Thursday. Riser is black, while his victim, 61-year-old Albert Douglas is white. Riser allegedly had another person, 31-year-old Lorena Saenz, murdered in a second incident. 

The city of Dallas has formed a special committee to try and figure out why Riser was actively patrolling Dallas 18 months after evidence of his criminal behavior came to light. Former Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall, who is also black, is being blamed for shielding Riser and potentially putting her community in danger. Riser has publicly implied that the FBI for the decision to keep him on board, but the Bureau's public relations team is denying the charge. Hall resigned from her post in late 2020. 

Riser's violent impulses became known in May 2017, when he was arrested for attacking his ex-girlfriend. What came of his domestic violence charges remains unknown, but he was not reprimanded by the Dallas Police Department. 

While the case has shown Ex-Police Chief Hall as, at the very least, negligent and incompetent, Hall has made a name for herself as an anti-white crusader. In 2019, dozens of mostly white Dallas Police Officers were investigated and four were suspended for writing comments in a Facebook group that vaguely expressed "racial stereotypes" during a political correctness sweep.

Chief Hall at the time proclaimed that the draconian punishment of white officers for engaging in free speech were, "to ensure the community that we will not tolerate racism, bigotry or hatred of any kind in our organization." 

In other words, the highly multicultural and corruption infested Dallas Police Department suspended officers for being accused of making jokes while an officer accused of murdering multiple people was left unmolested. 

The city of Dallas has formed a special committee to investigate Riser's record on the force and why exactly Hall allowed him to operate with impunity for so long.