With Biden In Their Pocket, Comcast Moves Towards Price Hikes and Data Fees

The Jewish controlled Comcast monopoly is planning to expand its data cap policy into all of its markets by 2021. 

The meter plans will start charging customers after 1.2 TB. The increase in telework and online schooling during the ongoing COVID lockdowns could rake in serious pandemic profits to help subsidize the company's losses in the world of media and Hollywood soft power.

Since 2000, Comcast has received almost a billion dollars in state and federal subsidies for its operations. While Comcast's executives and lobbyists mostly work with Democrats, under Trump's tax-cut the company received another $861 million in tax breaks. 

Comcast's Xfinity service ranks below AT&T and Verizon in terms of customer satisfaction. J.D. Powers named Comcast the worst wireline service in America in 2017. On Trust Pilot, Comcast gets an average of one star out of 968 reviews. The recent roll out of data restrictions in the Northeast and Ohio was met with protest from customers, but for 30 million Americans, Comcast is their only choice for internet. Additionally, America's privately owned internet monopolies refuse to provide infrastructure to vast swaths of the population so that they can access high speed internet even though their tax dollars are helping subsidize Comcast's profit margins.

While the media giant broke a 12 year record for internet sign ups this year, its movie and theme park subsidiaries have been hit profit wise. To offset profit-losses in non-internet industries, the company is compounding its data rates with a plan to fleece TV and broadband users with subscription hikes across the board in January 2021.  

The FCC and Department of Justice have the power to thwart Comcast's data cap plan, abuse of consumers or at least chop off some of its tentacles in the media (including NBC and Universal), but this is a non-starter with Joe Biden's incoming administration. Comcast's Senior Executive Vice President David L. Cohen was an early Biden fundraiser, and top Comcast managers have provided the Democrats and Biden with 10s of millions of dollars in political donations. 

Through its control of the media and politicians, the mega-corporation is bound to avoid scrutiny. Americans are at the mercy of the Jew Brian Roberts and his business associates, one of which is president-elect Joe Biden.