Augustus Invictus Denied Bail, Put in Solitary Confinement and Going Hungry Due To Lack of Respect for His Religious Dietary Restrictions

The national controlled media is celebrating the arrest of dissident lawyer Augustus Invictus, who is accused of kidnapping his wife and children. He is being stacked with charges and could face an eye-popping 65 years if convicted of all of them. 

Invictus has been on the system's radar for the past year due to his role in providing legal defense for political dissidents. If the charges themselves are not political, the media coverage attempting to convict before he even gets his court date certainly is. 

Detective Matthew Beech was able to convince a judge that he was a risk and had to be denied bail by reading an online writing of his completely out of context: "The only aim is the destruction of buildings or person plaguing the earth." These are the bad faith tactics law enforcement have been using after Charlottesville to punish people for their alleged or stated political beliefs.  

A correspondent who visited Invictus told National Justice  that while he could not legally discuss the case at all, he did complain about his horrific treatment in the Florida jail system. After having his bail rejected, he was automatically placed in solitary confinement, which the United Nations calls torture and an "extortion technique." Putting defendants in solitary confinement is a tactic law enforcement uses to torture suspects into pleading guilty, even if they are innocent. Inside, he was denied his special religious dietary restrictions. The journalist who interviewed him said he looked skinny and malnourished. He has now been transferred to South Carolina. 

Evidence in Invictus' case, as with many domestic disputes, is weak. Damning rumors about the nature of the accusations abound but cannot be officially verified. By and large, while he is suffering, Invictus appeared highly confident that his case would go nowhere, according to our source. 

Unrelated to the case, many of the usual suspects are tripping over one another to try and do as much injustice to a "white nationalist" as possible. And make money in the process.

One bizarre case is a Go Fund Me put online by a Florida woman named Alexandria Fanella, who has capitalized on the media attention Invictus' case has garnered to tap anarchists and liberals for free money.

So far, she has raised over $2,000 after supporters of "antifa" began circulating her appeal on social media. In her plea, she claims to have been hospitalized multiple times for mental illness and needs the public to pay her rent or else the imprisoned Augustus Invictus will "retaliate" against her.

According to Fanella, Invictus is a threat to her safety because he called the police on her for stalking him and then put a magic spell on her. 

Fanella appears to be little more than an angry ex-girlfriend, who as recently as September 2018 identified herself as a prostitute and has repeatedly tried to profit from divulging intimate details related to her romantic relationship with "neo-Nazi" Invictus. 

Augustus Invictus is expected to have his first court hearing in mid-February. 

For ways to support Invictus, this  link has his most current information.