Arrested "Boogaloo Boi" Portrayed By Media As "Far-Right" Is a Self-Described Left-Wing Anarchist

The FBI announced charges against two members of the "Boogaloo Bois" yesterday for allegedly attempting to provide material support for Palestinian resistance group Hamas. 

30-year-old Michael Solomon and 22-year-old Benjamin Ryan Teeter were approached by an FBI informant pretending to be a member of Hamas. The informant then entrapped Teeter and Solomon in a ridiculous and bogus terror plot. Both individuals have been active supporters of anti-white race riots in the Minnesota area that followed the death of George Floyd, but the FBI does not appear interested in prosecuting their actual criminal activity in this regard. 

The FBI and media have used this incident as an opportunity to try and simultaneously besmirch the "far-right"/white nationalists and the Palestinian rights movement -- two causes they unnecessarily hound in support of America's Zionist rulers. They do this in order to take attention off the real culprits of the violence: Black Lives Matter and various left-wing anarchist paramilitary groups, who enjoy the support of over 600 Jewish groups.  

But at least in the case of Teeter, his own words disprove the contrived narrative. 

An investigation by sleuth @cursedsalad found that Teeter is in fact a violent "anti-racist" who supports "antifa" and describes himself as a left-wing anarchist. 

According to a tweet sent on July 25th, Teeter called for the "hunting of white supremacists." 

A message sent out by Teeter's account less than two weeks ago reaffirmed his political beliefs, stating unequivocally "I'm a left Anarchist." The vast majority of "antifa" members rioting right now classify their own political ideology as left-wing anarchism.  

Seemingly unopposed left-wing murder and mayhem across the country has created a significant narrative problem for the Department of Homeland Security and FBI, two organizations that set priorities based on political pressure rather than any objective law enforcement criteria.

This behavior was previously seen during the 2000s, when both the DHS and the FBI began pursuing animal rights activists and environmentalists as a domestic terror priority after lobbying by the fur and agribusiness industries. The strategy was similar: agents would concoct conspiracies then aggressively try and rope otherwise non-violent activists in. The goal is identical to any other secret police force: to chill peaceful dissent.  

A leaked draft of a DHS document written in August classifying "white supremacy" as the top terror threat in America has baffled the public and was met with anger. Pedro L. Gonzalez, the Assistant Editor of Trumpian American Greatness, remarked that the document shows the perspective of the typical employee in the intelligence community is very similar to that of a Black Lives Matter rioter: "white people just are objectively bad, terrorists in waiting."

The Department of Justice continues to try to manufacture data on the ground to justify the amount of resources it wastes harassing and surveilling the "far-right" while left-wing extremists assassinate Trump supporters at random and carve out entire city centers for themselves as "autonomous zones" virtually unimpeded.