"Antifa" Magazine Shuts Down After Editor Accused of Being A Rapist

Commune Magazine, a flashy and professional looking "antifa" publication that sought to provide intellectual direction to the anarchist movement, announced yesterday that it would discontinue its operations and refund all its subscribers.

The catalyst for this decision were allegations that an unnamed editor had raped another left-wing activist. A source familiar with the matter has confirmed to National Justice that the alleged rapist is Shyam P. Khanna, a 31-year-old anarchist organizer based in Brooklyn. 

According to a March 28 Medium post by Jessica "Leila" Raven, Khanna had been abusing her and then committed a rape against her. Raven then confronted him, demanded an apology and asked him to read four feminist essays. After Khanna agreed to read the articles, he raped her again, the accuser says.

A second post, dated May 7th, repeats the allegations and details a prolonged campaign to have him removed from Commune Mag's staff. 

Khanna appears to be heavily involved with the "antifa" scene in New York City. On social media, his now deleted account @dollarpizza1 can be seen repeatedly interacting with Jamie Peck of the Antifada podcast as well as Doug Henwood, a wealthy anti-white figure who has been accused of predatory and strange sexual behavior himself.  

While Commune Mag has been canceled, it appears that two editors accused of protecting him, UC Davis professor Joshua Clover and Berkeley's Jasper Bernes, are going to continue their similarly named anarchist poetry project Commune Editions in spite of demands that they shut it down as well.