America Saw A Record 691 Mass Shootings In 2021, 0 Attacks By "White Supremacists"

The United States broke all previous records for mass shootings in 2021. None of the attacks had a white racial or terroristic motive.  

The year closed with a total of 691 mass shootings and several hundred deaths related to these incidents in total, according to information collected by the Gun Violence Archive. Estimates reveal that the mass shooters are overwhelmingly black. 

The grim milestone was largely ignored by the liberal Brookings Institute, which instead praised the Department of Justice's aggressive crackdown on political activity as the reason for why there weren't any far-right or "white supremacist" attacks. 

The FBI's resources are currently preoccupied with soliciting alleged victims of "hate crimes" and "confronting white supremacy," as violent threats to citizens continue to rise to all time highs. 

2021 also saw at least 222 school shootings, another record, according to the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s K-12 School Shooting Database. School shootings, also driven largely by black violence, have steadily increased in recent years, with 2018 and 2019 being the third and second most violent years for school children to date.

Assessing school shooter threats often falls under the responsibility of the FBI, though these cases are neglected if the FBI cannot uncover a nexus to white racialist or right-wing beliefs. Last November, the FBI was forced to pay a $130 million dollar settlement to the families of victims of the 2018 Parkland shooting after it emerged that agents showed negligence by ignoring the threat posed by Nikolas Cruz, who went on to murder 17 classmates.   

The year closed with 16 cities, ranging from Atlanta to Philadelphia, shattering previous homicide records. The crisis of murder in America's cities has been met with a year over year record drop in clearance rates, according to information gathered by the Murder Accountability Project.  In data released in 2020, only 54% of all murders led to an arrest, the lowest ever recorded. 

Recently, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot publicly begged the Merrick Garland Department of Justice to send federal agents to help battle out of control crime in her city.  

The breakdown in public safety and dramatic expansion of homicidal threats has attracted criticism about the priorities of federal authorities when juxtaposed with the expensive, discriminatory and time consuming targeting and profiling of white men who criticize the government, such as the FBI-driven Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot currently slipping through the fingers of federal prosecutors.   

Mass media and politically influential Jewish lobbies such as the Anti-Defamation League are continuing to drive the FBI's crusade against "white supremacy" and "hate crimes" going into 2022, even in murder capitals such as Philadelphia, where there were only 63 self-reported "hate crimes," most which are registered as "ethnic intimidation" and vandalism against property .   

Contrasting with this moral panic is a jaw-dropping 562 murders in the city during 2021. Only 29% of fatal and 15% of non-fatal shootings ever leading to an arrest. 

With data-driven policing being declared "racist," the rising black crime wave that has locked Americans in their homes in 2020 and 2021 is bound to only get worse.