Affluent Whites Hate Racism....But They Hate Race-Mixing Much More

Wealthy suburban whites may put Black Lives Matter signs on their lawn, but that doesn't mean they want blacks in their children's school. 

The Donald Trump campaign's naked racial appeal to white professionals to keep blacks out of their suburbs has been received with discomfort and feigned outrage by Jewish media taste makers. Polls show that affluent whites have views on race and culture to the hard left of blacks, so why would Trump think this is a good idea?  

The animal instinct to protect one's children transcends education, class and ideology. On questions of racially integrating schools and neighborhoods, educated white liberals and Jews continue to fight just as hard to prevent mixing in their own back yard as the lower status "rednecks" of Little Rock or the Boston Irish they morally preen against.

A recent podcast series by Chana Joffe-Walt titled "Nice White Parents" chronicled the experiences of "white" (Jewish and white liberal) leftist parents in Brooklyn, who in 1963 protested the New York Board of Education in favor of integration. The parents wrote letters to the Jewish Board of Ed head, Max Rubin, decrying separation and demanding the "opportunity" to send their kids to a school that also included black and Puerto Rican children from a housing development. 

The parents of the black and Puerto Rican children actually opposed the plan, signing a letter stating that it would force their children to travel too far to attend the school. Nevertheless, Rubin "obliged" and built IS 293 exactly where the Jewish and white parents asked him to. 

More than half a century later, Joffe-Walt called the parents who wrote the pro-integration letters during the height of the Civil Rights era. She found that none of them wound up sending their kids to the mixed school. They instead sent their kids to "progressive" elite private schools nearby, like the Brooklyn Friends Quaker School and St. Anns.

When confronted with the hypocrisy, most cited safety concerns, chaos, and lack of educational opportunities for why their children were too good for the school they said they wanted. One parent was honest and said her support for integration was fueled by fears of being perceived as politically incorrect by her peers. Yet even with all this in mind, all of them double downed on support for the idea... in principle.   

Even as schools and towns in the South and working class communities across the nation have rapidly diversified at gunpoint, the behavior of the woke bourgeoisie in keeping their neighborhoods and schools white remains completely "unenlightened."

A Harvard study from earlier this year finds that when asked, both Democrats and Republicans state on questionnaires that they would prefer heavily racially integrated schools for their kids. The same study found that in practice, the parents take painstaking, almost comical efforts to game the integrationist system and enroll their children in schools that are majority white, or in some cases, Asian. 

Segregation by IQ 

In America's second most segregated city, not Macon but majority-minority New York, wealthy white and Jewish parents navigate loopholes in the school selection process that allows for separation based on intelligence, measured by aptitude tests, which leads to de facto racial segregation both in schools and in individual classrooms. 

In the multicultural paradise of New York City, 75% of students are black or Spanish-speaking blacks and Indians, yet 75% of students in Gifted and Talented programs are white or Asian. Segregating by IQ means that white and Asian students are kept in different classrooms and facilities than blacks and "Hispanics." 

Mayor Bill De Blasio has pursued policies to integrate New York City schools, but these appear to be mostly for show and virtue signaling. At Stuyvesant, a specialized public school that is 79% white and Asian, only 10 blacks were accepted this year. Brooklyn Tech, Bronx Science and Staten Island Tech all posted similarly low acceptance rates for blacks and Spanish-speaking blacks and Indians. 

The wealth and power of the NYC elite allows them to consistently opt out of diversity pushes they themselves claim to support. An Upper West Side public school that keeps its admission process shrouded in mystery and is attended almost exclusively by the children of affluent Jewish and white leftists like Samantha Bee and Cynthia Nixon was able to use legal jujitsu to win an exemption for itself from a recent citywide integration program. Nevertheless, the school teaches tomorrow's oligarchs radical anti-white politics in its curriculum.  

As calls for black and white race-mixing grow, white liberals in New York are becoming more candid about their wish to keep non-Asian minorities out of their schools. 

Manhattan City Council candidate Maud Maron, a life long "social justice warrior," is running a more politically correct version of George Wallace's campaign, arguing that East Asians are technically people of color and thus integrating the schools of wealthy liberals any further is unnecessary.   

"Blacks Destroy Schools"

In the elite suburb of Howard County, Maryland -- which is within commuting distance of chocolate cities like Baltimore and Washington -- parents who described themselves as Democrats working for "social justice" non-profits turned feral at city council meetings when officials announced it would be busing black children into their schools. 

Howard County is known for its "woke" residents. Trump only won 30.6% (9% lower than Baltimore County) of the vote there in 2016, but a coalition of white liberals and Asians have aggressively picketed and resisted the plan to mix their children with blacks. 

The Howard suburb of Columbia's motto of "Tomorrow's America" is a celebratory allusion to our country's declining European majority, yet Superintendent Michael J. Martirano's has received thousands of protest letters and death threats in response to his plan to matriculate more blacks and "Hispanics" into their local school.  

One protest letter to Martirano read "Blacks destroy school systems and schools." Another brought up that blacks don't value education. A third decried blacks for not taking responsibility for their community or behavior.

Tomorrow's America seems to agree with yesterday's America on race, at least in private. Trump's appeal to a demographic full of his most diehard haters could at the very least neutralize Democratic momentum.

The dissonance between Trump's twitter and his campaign is also stark. Even as Trump announces plans to end low income housing in the suburbs, his campaign has been attacking Joe Biden for opposing busing and forced integration in the past. 

Voters are getting mixed messages, but the facts are the facts. When it comes to what we want for our kids and in our own backyards, the difference between an anti-white white liberal and a white nationalist is theater and hypocrisy. 

Which begs the question: why do we get policies we all oppose in consensus?